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Pequeno excerto que fala sobre o novo reality show com Jennifer Lopez e o ex-marido

Hi there, I'm Lauren Bradshaw. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are reuniting in the newest trailer for their series Q Viva: The Chosen. We have your look in today's PopSugar Rush!

JENNIFER LOPEZ: "This is me really being able to go, I am Latina, and this is who we are!"

Jennifer Lopez is hitting the dance floor with Marc Anthony! The exes are reuniting on the small screen for Q Viva: The Chosen, and the new trailer for the series shows a sexy Jennifer showing off her moves.

MARC ANTHONY: "We have made a pact to go on this journey to uncover the world's most extraordinary talent."

This obviously isn't the first time that Jennifer's gotten to shake it for Marc. Remember their American Idol performance?

MARC: "Ahhhhhhh...."

But that was back in May, before the stars called it quits. Now they're serving as co-creators and executive producers of Q Viva, and while their personal relationship may be over, it's clear from the show's footage that they're still on good terms professionally. The reality series follows Jennifer and Marc across Latin America as they discover new talent, all leading up to one final live performance showcase.

It debuts on Univision on January 28 for Spanish-speaking audiences, but the series will also air in English. That air date is being announced early next year.